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Pregnancy Miracle Chapter by Chapter Review | Best Pregnancy Books

The controversial, but revolutionary infertility treatment guide known as pregnancy miracle consists of 6 chapters and 2 appendices. The initial chapters of pregnancy miracle focus on basics of reproductive anatomy and infertility while the later chapters discuss the 5-step plan on overcoming infertility and getting pregnant.

Please understand that we can only provide a brief outline of the details discussed by the pregnancy miracle book. We cannot give out any specific details as that would be plagiarism and/or copyright violation.

Pregnancy Miracle Chapter 1 Review

This is one of the shorter chapters of this book with about 15 pages of content. Here are the main topics covered on this chapter of pregnancy miracle.

  • Anatomy of the female and male reproductive tracts
  • The basic hormonal regulation of ovulation and spermatogenesis
  • Several conditions that will lead to infertility in men and women
  • Timing of intercourse (page 27 of Pregnancy Miracle Book) – the book goes on to show that the general understanding about ‘correct timing’ may not be perfect for every woman. If you are struggling to conceive, this can potentially be what you have been doing wrong. When it comes to timing, there isn’t a universal rule that fits the body type of every woman
  • Recognizing signs of __________ (page 32) – extremely important, yet simple. Unfortunately, a lot of women  overlook these simple steps that can boost your chances of getting pregnant by many times
  • What’s the best sex-position to become pregnant? They correctly say that there isn’t scientific evidence to support that position A is better than position B (page 33)


Chapter 2 overview

This chapter of Lisa Olson’s book is about 30 pages in length and it talks about the basics of infertility. These are the main topics they address under this chapter of the pregnancy miracle book.

  • Different causes of infertility – sometimes, there is nothing ‘wrong’ with either partner. Just ‘bad practice’ due to lack of knowledge is preventing women from getting pregnant. For example, things like __________ increases the vaginal ____________ preventing fertilization (page 41). These are simple things, if applicable to you, that can be easily corrected.
  • Diagnosis of infertility
  • How to identify signs of FERTILITY – they provide 2 simple diagrams and a chart to illustrate these points
  • They talk about both male and female factors in this chapter because infertility, even though commonly regarded as a woman’s thing, can be due to male or female factors
  • The fertile phase, the infertile phase and the day/s of peak fertility (page 50)
  • Tips for observing changes in ____________ – this is really crucial information
  • Information on pages 52-61 is critical
  • Information on the _________ cycle on page 62 – we’ll be honest here, it sounds difficult to believe, but doesn’t hurt to try

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Chapter 3

Another ‘not so long’ chapter with approximately 25 pages! In this chapter, the author discusses how the east and west perceive infertility. Then she gives a questionnaire and talks about 14 factors that may be causing infertility in men and women.

  • Here they explain that fertility is not just a ‘reproductive organs’ thing. Other things like _______, lack of _________, and poor _________ also affect fertility.
  • Imbalances/disturbances in any of above will affect fertility
  • The book talks about identifying the source of your ____ disruption (page 77) – we will admit that we have NEVER heard about this before
  • It also identifies the main issue with western medicine as its failure to consider the inner _________ and ________ (page 78)
  • However, they emphasize that they’re not asking people to go away from western medicine, but simply that a combination of eastern and western medicines (eastern approaches to fill in the gaps in western medicine) is the best approach for treating infertility
  • Pregnancy miracle also goes over some of the hormones involved in reproduction, ovulation, spermatogenesis etc. and their normal levels. We doubt this information will be helpful for you to get pregnant, but certainly doesn’t hurt to glance over. They also talk about few other hormones like ________ hormone and _______ hormone which are not directly related to the reproductive organs. Nevertheless, if those hormone levels are abnormal (low or high), that can have adverse effects on one’s fertility



Review of Pregnancy Miracle Chapter 4

This is the main chapter of Lisa Olson’s pregnancy book. This is the chapter that goes in to details on the 5-step holistic approach. The book talks a little about Chinese ‘Tao’ (there are also other pregnancy books on The Tao of Fertility) and then goes on to talk about the five steps of Pregnancy Miracle.

  1. Step 1: Two-phase approach for conceiving
    • 7 things to AVOID – one of them is ____________ which you may consume directly or indirectly in various ways throughout the day
    • 8 commandments are discussed here under step 1
  2. Step 2: it’s about simple things you can do to enhance your fertility
    • This section is fairly long with about 27 pages
    • Related to __________, habits and lifestyle
    • This is where they go in to details about proper dietary guidelines – what to eat, what to avoid etc. etc (pages 105-120 are dedicated to fertility boosting dietary guidelines)
    • Fruits? some are good, some should be avoided
    • Raw food? hmm… the general idea is that raw foods are good – but are they really good if you’re trying to get pregnant?
    • 7 ways to decrease exposure to __________ – this is important because we use some of these things on a daily basis, which according to the book, makes you infertile. We personally think #4 and #6 are a little too extreme (page 124).
  3. Step 3:
    • This is the section that we think might be a little difficult for some people to practically apply. But it’s VERY IMPORTANT
    • We quote the book “According to researchers in the Fertility and Sterility journal published by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (2002), a woman who undergoes _______________ before IVF treatment is twice as likely to conceive than those who do not. The reason, according to ___________ and ___________ experts is simple: it helps to relax the uterus; improve blood flow; and create a thicker endometrial lining which are all needed to enhance conception.”
    • Well… if ________ could double the success rate of IVF, you may want to give it some thought, especially if you have had trouble conceiving for many years
    • However, you may not need this at all. Following the other guidelines may very well be sufficient for you to become pregnant. But you wouldn’t know until you read them!
    • By the way, this is something that can improve fertility in men also
    • There are 5 figures under this section that shows the exact _____________
    • In addition to the above mentioned, they also talk about a few herbs here that can supplement the above steps. They talk about at least 2 dozen herbs, but understand that you don’t have to consume all those 20 herbs to improve fertility. Many of the herbs do the same function, so you don’t need to eat 10 herbs that improve blood supply to your fallopian tubes. Some herbs help stop bleeding, some help build up the uterine lining while others calm things down decreasing the chances of miscarriage etc. etc.
    • PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION to page 169 where they talk about 3 herbs that can unblock partially blocked or sluggish fallopian tubes.
  4. Step 4: this is about cleansing/detoxifying your body
    • 3-day juice cleansing
    • 7-day _______
    • And two more protocols
    • The Holy Grail of the Pregnancy Miracle __________ Plan (page 181) – this is good stuff whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not
    • WARNING: NEVER take _______ juice alone. Always mix it with _________ (page 184)
    • ADVICE on page 202 is crucial: when you have begun healing, you will feel certain signs/symptoms. You need to be aware that these signs are in fact signs of healing, on your way to becoming pregnant
  5. Step 5: this section talks about a mixture of things. One thing that really caught our attention is the exercises they talk about. They include exercises to loosen your ____________, _______ rotation, opening the ________ joint etc. (pages 210 – 216)

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Chapter 5 overview

This chapter, named “What to do during the program”, has a little bit of everything from reading your body’s signals and signs to record keeping to software that you can use to keep track of yourself to importance of exercising correctly to stress control to massage to proper sleeping to male infertility.

  • Has a section dedicated to male infertility – 4-step plan for male infertility


Outline of Chapter 6

This chapter, named “Considering special circumstances”, is dedicated to addressing infertility issues under… you guessed it right…. ‘special circumstances’!

The special circumstances they deal with are

  • Advancing age
  • Unexplained fertility
  • Secondary infertility
  • How to heal your ovaries (e.g. conditions like PCOS) – they talk about 3 kinds of treatments including 2 types of herbs
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Blocked fallopian tubes – we were particular watchful here about what they say about blocked fallopian tubes. If Pregnancy Miracle claimed that their methods could unblock any blocked uterine tube, we would been very suspicious. But they rightfully say “unblocking is not easy”. However, the book mentions 3 things that can work. They are 2 kinds of herbs. Apparently, these are the only two that can penetrate deep. The other two methods are _________ and a particular kind of a __________ that should be practiced between menstruation and ovulation.
  • Cancer – they do admit that cancer treatment may have caused irreversible damage to the reproductive organs and that making such a male or female pregnant may be difficult.
  • Recurring miscarriage

You CAN get pregnant. You CAN conceive. If others can, so CAN you! Just find out what you may be doing wrong. Somebody great said “Every Complex Problem has a Simple Solution”. And that simple solution is lying right it front of your eyes. Take action, BE POSITIVE, if you put your heart and mind to anything..



Pregnancy Miracle Reviews

Appendix 1 and 2

The 6 chapters are followed by 2 appendices. Appendix 1 is about alternative and complementary therapies (e.g. _________, massage, yoga, and some other sections). Appendix 2 is about IVF, or in vitro fertilization

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